5 Benefits of Vape Pens

While “vaping”—the inhalation of infused water vapor by using a vaporizing pen or electronic cigarette—is a relatively new phenomenon, studies are showing it to be a better alternative to smoking tobacco and other substances. Why is that? The answer lies in what is being taken into the lungs and left in the air. Here are five ways in which vaping is better than smoking:

1. Carcinogenic substances are eliminated

Vape oils are glycerin compounds with all-natural or food-grade flavorings, sometimes with additives such as nicotine, hemp oil or other natural substances, none of which are known carcinogens.

Additionally, medicinal herbs have been used in vaporizing by Asian cultures for thousands of years, as they have healing properties for symptoms of the common cold as well as digestion and other ailments. Learn more about these here.

2. Second-hand smoke is eliminated

Because the byproduct is vapor that doesn’t linger in the air, there is no hazardous smoke to affect others.

3. Flavors are maintained or even enhanced

Vape oils can be infused with essential oils and natural flavorings along with active ingredients, and since the compounds are atomized rather than burned, the flavors aren’t contaminated with unhealthy combustion byproducts.

4. There’s no fire danger, ash or butts

Vaporizing eliminates trashy remnants like ashes and butts, and since there’s no combustion, there are no burning embers to ignite fires.

5. Odorless vapor doesn’t cling to clothing, hair or fabrics

Because there’s no smoky side stream and the exhalations are mostly odorless vapor, vaping doesn’t cling to clothing, hair or fabrics like cigarette smoke.

Vaporizing pens have the added benefits of being convenient and discreet. There’s no fumbling with matches or lighters, and vape pens are allowed in many places where smoking is ill-advised or prohibited. Plus, they’ve been shown to be effective for many people as aids in smoking cessation.

The choice of whether to use a vaporizing pen is up to you. But if you decide to do so, be sure to choose a pen that’s designed well and has the features you want.

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