Vaporizer Warranties


iPuff Vape™ wants to ensure its customers’ satisfaction and therefore we provide a warranty program for all of our products.  iPuff’s limited manufacturer’s warranty covers manufacturer’s defects only.  All warranty replacements require an RMA number to ensure timely processing, please see RMA Request form for further details.

Individual Product warranties are as follows:

iPuff Vapr 2.0/iPuff Errl 2.0/iPuff Quartz 1.0

                           All atomizers carry 30 day warranty, no sign of tampering.
                           All batteries carry 90 day warranty, no signs of tampering.
                          All mouthpieces and accessories carry a 90 day warranty, no signs of tampering.
                          Broken glass is not covered, we offer 25% discount for current customers.

              iPuff Flowr 1.0/2.0
                           30 day on mouthpiece
                           180 day on battery unit.*

*The iPuff Flowr comes with what we call a “no fuss” full replacement warranty. For 6 months we will replace your Flowr pen due to defect, hassle-free.

WARRANTY ONLY COVERS REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF PEN OR COMPONENTS. WARRANTY DOES NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS. If your pen is in need of repair or replacement, please see the RMA Request form below.

When returning a component, the RMA number needs to be displayed on the outside of the packaging.  If the purchase was made through a third party vendor, proof of purchase is required.  Return shipping of components are the customer’s responsibility.  Shipping costs for replacement parts will be covered by iPuff.  Any product showing signs of misuse will be automatically disqualified.  Should a foreign object come in contact with the coil of the atomizer, this will cause a short out and is not covered by our RMA policy.  Obvious damage other than manufacturer’s defects or misuse of the handheld vaporizer are not covered under the iPuff warranty.


If the vaporizer was purchased through a third party, please attach a copy of your sales receipt here.

Extended Warranty

Sometimes the original just isn’t enough and at iPuff we couldn’t understand this any better than we already do! Recognizing life’s unexpected events and the nano size of the device being used, iPuff understands the need for a convenient parts replacement program.  The iPuff Extended Warranty extends over a 12 month period. The Extended Warranty for the Vapr2.0/errl1.0 provides 2 replacement atomizers, 1 replacement battery, 1 replacement mouthpiece/glass bulb as well as the confidence that your vaping needs are taken care of.  For the flowr1.0, the Extended Care plan covers the replacement of one battery and mouthpiece.
The plan is simple; when it stops working, log into your account, fill out the RMA form, and we will take care of the rest.  Shipping costs are fully covered under the warranty plan.

Note, the Extended Warranty must be purchased within 15 days of purchasing the pen.  If the pen was purchased through a third party supplier, proof of purchase is required.