All About FSE (Full Spectrum Extract)

Research into the therapeutic, medical, and psychoactive properties of cannabis is gaining a lot of traction as laws regarding its legality and classification evolve. This has led to a baffling variety of cannabis extracts and claims about them. Part of the confusion extends to the extraction process itself. Among the terms you’re likely to encounter are full-spectrum and standardized extraction. Here’s a quick look at the two methods and their roles.

Full-Spectrum Extraction

Full spectrum extraction sounds like the most natural way to get the benefits of a plant concentrate, and in many ways it is. Full-spectrum extracts use an alcohol solvent to make a tincture that has the highest percentage of a plant’s compounds without altering the ratio of how they occur naturally. This is believed to preserve the plant’s natural symbiosis among its phytochemicals, adding to its therapeutic benefit. It may also preserve any natural resistance to adverse effects of its chemical compounds. In nature, the percentage of compounds present can vary, so full-spectrum extracts can be expected to mirror this.

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Full-spectrum extracts, including those sold by iPuff Vape, are well-suited for most plants, delivering their therapeutic benefits and any synergistic properties without the need for further processing. But that’s not always the case.

Standardized Extraction

Standardized extraction uses enzyme hydrolysis to target a specific compound in a plant, isolating it from other substances. When a plant has a beneficial compound but also contains unwanted or toxic elements, standardized extraction is the way to go. For instance, Datura flower is a member of the nightshade family that contains atropine and scopolamine, beneficial but potentially toxic chemicals that must be used in the proper dose to be safe. Since the percentage of these chemicals can vary from plant to plant, it becomes important to extract them separately to avoid toxic dosages.

Know What You’re Getting

There’s no one right way to extract plant compounds. It depends on the plant’s chemical makeup and how it interacts with your body. Since labeling on commercially available extracts can vary in both details and accuracy, it’s best to do a little research of your own before consuming them. iPuff Vape Hemp Oil products save you the trouble with batch-by-batch test results readily available on our website. Just remember that with full-spectrum extracts, you’re getting basically everything that’s in the plant, good or bad. Mostly that’s good, but not always. A little knowledge will go a long way toward making the right choices.

Only Buy From People You Trust

Extracts sold by iPuff Vape™ conform to the United States Controlled Substances Act (CSA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, and Colorado Statutes or Regulations wherever applicable. iPuff Vape is focused on providing a healthy, smoke-free alternative to tobacco and other carcinogen-rich products. We are dedicated to keeping abreast of the latest research and development in order to provide our customers with the #1 solution for handheld vaporization. That dedication includes providing excellent customer service and ensuring that our customers always come first. We look forward to providing all of your vaporizing needs.

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