Medical Marijuana Cards: What Are They and Do You Need One?

Medical marijuana is currently legal in 28 states and the District of Colombia. Access to it is controlled under state laws that specify what conditions are approved for treatment with medical marijuana. It is also legal under some of those state laws for patients to grow a specific number of plants at home. To help our customers navigate the complexities of legal marijuana laws, iPuff Vape offers the following overview of medical marijuana rules across the U.S.

You’ll Probably Need Doctor’s Orders

The legal use of medical marijuana is granted by the states and is authorized with the issuance of a medical marijuana certificate, usually in the form of an identification card, also called a Medical Marijuana ID (MMID) or cannabis card.

While regulations vary from state to state, qualifying for a medical marijuana card typically requires a physician’s recommendation for treatment of a specific condition approved by state law. At that point, the patient applies to the state for the card and usually pays a fee.

What’s Legal Varies by State…and Is Changing

Legal treatment can be highly restrictive (Kentucky, Wisconsin, Texas and Mississippi, for instance) or can cover a wide variety of ailments. States such as California and Illinois allow for medical use of marijuana to treat a number of conditions. Colorado taxes medical and recreational marijuana differently, with recreational users required to pay an excise tax along with the sales tax applied to both forms of products.

Laws are constantly changing as acceptance of medical marijuana as a valid form of treatment grows. For instance, Colorado just approved medical marijuana for treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Additional legislation is currently under consideration in a number of state legislatures, as well, so the landscape changes almost daily. Add to that the mixed messages at the federal level coming from the current administration and it’s advisable for anyone concerned with the medical use of marijuana to stay up on events in their state as well as any others they may travel to.

Stay Informed and Stay Safe

For more details, we recommend checking this article on that looks at laws in each state where medical marijuana or cannabis derivatives are legal.

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