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Quartz 2-in-1 Pen Set

3.75 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
(4 customer reviews)


Compact 2-in-1 pen set that offers a solution for both liquid and wax. The quartz design features both a glass bowl and glass dual coil heating rods.

Product Description

iPuff Quartz 2-in-1 Pen Set

Compact and easy to carry all quartz pen. Using only quartz and stainless steel in its construction, the iPuff Quartz pen is tough and durable, made for real people’s every day life. Comes with one liquid tank, one wax atomizer, a rechargeable battery and a slick carrying case.

Wax Atomizer

  • Quartz Bowl
  • Dual Coil with Quartz Rod

Liquid Atomizer

  • Quartz Liquid Tank
  • Isolated Wick Technology
  • Easy Refill Tank

Additional Information

Weight .5 lbs

4 reviews for Quartz 2-in-1 Pen Set

  1. 5 out of 5


    This thing rips! It’s great for dabs on the go, & eliquid, & you can load a good amount of concentrate or oil into each tank so it lasts awhile before you have to reload too. I love the carrying case – it makes it real easy to take hiking or into concerts or whatever. Very happy so far!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Just bought this new pen set and LOVE it. Solid pen for wax and liquids or oil depending on the user. I love the liquid tank for my CO2 oil. ; ) The taste is amazing…love, love, LOVE the all quartz atomizer.

  3. 4 out of 5


    I use liquid and wax products about equally, so I have been looking FOREVER for a good pen that does both and does them both equally well. Both the wax atomizer and the liquid tank have a decent capacity, so I only have to fill it once before I head out for the day. They both give a good, clean hit that doesn’t mess with the taste of the product. My only gripe is that it was a little tough at first to get the atomizer or tank to screw onto the battery. After forcing it on a few times, the threads started to match up better, but it was kind of a pain at first. So far, this is the best pen I’ve bought for this price range.

  4. 1 out of 5


    I’d like to start by saying I have over 10 vape pens and have a pretty good reference/comparison basis because of this. I’ve been using vaporizer pens since my first spine surgery over a year ago and don’t mind investing in a new one when I see fit because I rely on CBD for pain and anxiety and vaping is my preferred method of utilizing CBD. This pen is very sleek and the metal components are solid. That’s the only thing I like about it compared to others I have, some of which cost less. It’s very hard to draw from and by no means what’s so ever, “rips.” When I grew so frustrated by how hard it was to draw from it, I brought it to the iPuff store in Denver. They said I had a hairline fracture in the clear portion of the tank so I purchased a new one optimistic this would allow easier draws. They said they are currently working with new manufactures to try to make it easier to draw from and there will be a new one available in the coming months most likely. The pen is harder to draw from than any vape I’ve ever used and the fact that I had used it less than a month and there was already a hairline fracture in the tank although it’s never been dropped or abused bothered me. The rubber gasket had also begun to deteoriate allowing the iPuff cbd vape juice to leak. I now use the juice in a smok box mod vape to much satisfaction. The vape pen also does a poor job of regulating temperature on each temp setting. I notice it isn’t consistent even after a full charge, which by the way doesn’t last as long as comparable vape pens. For what it’s worth, I honestly recommend you buy a box mod and tank or a separate tank if you already have a mod to use with cbd juice. It’s much more useful and satisfying, I give you my word. The iPuff vape juice is great in the flavor department and smokability although the dosage of cbd is less than most other brands I’ve purchased. I think the tange is delicious though and leaves me feeling great, but it’s far from affordable, but that’s kind of the story with all CBD when you use it as much as I do between my spine issues and brain tumor. I want to reiterate that this pen by no means “rips” and to get a substantial cloud you may feel like you’re lungs are at risk of collapsing with how difficult it is to draw. I’ve used two tanks now and both are the exact same as far as that goes. Thanks for reading.

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