Vaporizing Temperatures for Herbs, Roots and Flowers

Some vape pens like the iPuff Flowr 1.0 Pen Set offer multiple temperature settings for a wide variety of herbal products. So how do you choose the temperatures that are right for your herbal vaping needs?

Herbal blends can vary widely, so you’ll want to do some experimenting to find the temperature that’s just right for your blend, but here are some good starting points for popular herbs, roots and flowers.

Higher Temperature Herbs, Flowers and Roots

These herbs, roots, and flowers vaporize best at 180°C to 200°C (350°F to 400°F).

·  Aloe Vera ·  Green Tea ·   Maca Root
·  Ginger Root ·  Hops ·   Marshmallow
·  Ginseng ·  Kava Kava Root ·   Valerian Root
·  Kola Nut

Medium Temperature Herbs

Try 130°C to 175°C (265°F to 350°F) as a starting point for these herbs.

·  Coffee ·  Fennel ·  Mexican Tarragon
·  Damiana ·  Guarana ·  Spearmint
·  Ginkgo biloba

Lower Temperature Herbs and Flowers

These herbs and flowers do better at lower temperatures around 100°C to 125°C (200°F to 260°F).

·  Chamomile ·  Lemongrass ·  Thyme
·  Clove ·  Passionflower ·  Tobacco
·  Lavender ·  St. John’s Wort ·  Yerba Mate

Part of the joy of herbal vaping comes with finding the right combination(s) of natural products and pens that give the results you want. See our complete selection and details about each pen model at You’ll find pens, accessories, and oils to meet any taste.

iPuff vape pens and oils are 100% legal in all 50 states, but their use may be restricted in some jurisdictions. Foreign laws vary and can change, so be sure to check before sending pens or oils abroad. iPuff vape does not ship outside the United States.

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